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RELOOP Mixon 4






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Serato DJ incl.



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Denon DJ MC 7000


Denon DJ vient d’annoncer le nouveau contrôleur DJ MC7000 avec 4 canaux pour le mixage avec Serato DJ et un double port USB, permettant aux DJs de se relayer sans interruption. La combinaison de la qualité légendaire de construction de Denon DJ et les excellents convertisseurs audio font du MC7000 un outil sans compromis pour les DJs, bénéficiant ainsi du contrôleur ultime "de nouvelle génération" pour Serato. De plus, l’MC7000 intègre non seulement la version complète de Serato DJ, mais également les 3 Serato Expansion Packs "Pitch 'n Time", "Flip" et "Vidéo".


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Serato incl.


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TMC-3 Interface incl. VDJ
USB controller with integrated 4-channel sound card for DJs.
Play, mix and scratch digital audio like vinyl records
2 decks with selectable source: PC signal or line/phono
Applicable for analog mixer operation without PC
External ouput options for PA applications (XLR/RCA)
Compatible to any MIDI controlled audio software, all MIDI controllers can be edited and freely assigned
Optimized for control of the powerful audio and video mixing software Virtual DJ
Supplied with Virtual DJ 6 Limited Edition, can be upgraded at discount price
Integrated plug&play audio interface with high-resolution AD/DA converters (16 bits/48 kHz), applicable for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X
Supports all standard codecs, e.g. MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, M4A, AAC, AVI, MPEG
2 line/phono inputs, switchable
Adjustable DJ microphone input
Master output and booth output with separate level controls
Additional recording output
Headphones output with level control for direct monitoring
2-channel mixer section:
3-band EQ, gain control and level fader per channel
Ultra-smooth crossfader with adjustable curve
Cue function with 3 hot cues
Stereo LED level display
Extra large track encoder for quick music library browsing
Dual player section:
Touch-sensitive jog dials with mode selector: pitch bend, scratch, fast search
Dedicated sync function (auto beatmatching)
Master Tempo (tonal pitch remains constant)
Beat-accurate seamless loop, can be edited
Effect units with controls for selection and parameters
Sample players with LED display, and controls for selection and level
Powered via USB or included PSU
Incl. USB cable
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